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Shappybag - Seagrass wicker handbag (Thai design painting)

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- Size : 11 cm width x 31 cm length x 40 cm height

- Known as “Seagrass” in Thai, the Grey Sedge can be found mostly in the South of Thailand, the colours of the Grey Sedge are especially darker compared to other parts of Thailand.
- In collaboration of Thai designers and artisan perfectly creates a woven dyed sedge incorporated with a wooden handle. Exquisite design and quality for modern consumers decorated using Thai contemporary art style painting.
- A wicker handbag is light in weight and can be carried from one place to another conveniently. It compliments any occasions and can be used for storage and for everyday use.
- Due to each artisanal handcraft is made 100% by hand, therefore it might be slightly variation in dimensions, texture, color, pattern and technique of weaving.

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