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- Size : 27.3 cm length x 20.5 cm height x 1 cm Depth 

- Elegant and timeless, Pai is inspired by modern art and the inheritance of Thai local handwork artisans that has been passed down through generations. Genuine leather and bamboo are carefully patterned and sewn together using special skilled techniques. The multi-purpose bag has three spacious pockets yet remain lightweight. The frontal design represents the significance of personality and individuality as each contains its own bamboo patterns that distinguishes each one from the other.

      Pai Artisan Community is located in the central of Thailand where all the traditional artists are gathered during the day to design and create artwork out of bamboos by hand. Each individual pieces can take up anywhere from one to three months to complete. The procedures involves the bamboo being cut, cleanse thoroughly, spun, and then dye using only natural colors inside a boiler. Once the weaves absorb the color, they are left to dry naturally in the sun for a day. After the drying process, the weaves can then be used to create countless of intricate patterns. Lastly, each piece of artwork are glazed with resin as a final touch to provide natural sheen and lengthen its life.

      Vegetable-tanned Cow Leather
      Natural, Red and Navy Thai Bamboo Weaving front
      One Main Zippered Compartment
      One Magnetic Slit Pocket
      One Side Pocket interior
      Hand Strap in the rear

Leather Care Instructions
     - Do not overstuff to avoid permanent bumps or lumps on leather surface.
     - Keep away from direct sunlight, excess moisture, and heat. When not in use, store your bag in its original dust bag.
     - Be aware that deep or dark colored clothing can easily transfer dye to light colored clothing.
     - Treat your bag with water protectant every 2-4 weeks. We recommend waterproofing spray, which is quick and easy maintenance. Try to avoid heavy downpours.

How to care.