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Tote Bag With Sedge (Black)

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Size : 8 cm width x 35 cm length x 41 cm height

In the collaboration of the artisanal handcraft from ‘VT THAI’ created using woven sedge handcraft from ‘Roi Ed’ local community who have been working in this for more than 100 years incorporated with the leather tote bag, added Mango Mojito’s the hand-paint technique. Perfectly present the balance of traditional and modern design. 

Each one is hand-crafted using traditional techniques by real artisans which we can celebrate these variations as they are marks of human-touch that carry stories and embody the spirit of the location in which they were created.

Due to each artisanal handcraft is made 100% by hand, therefore it might be slightly variation in dimensions, texture, color, pattern and technique of weaving.

How to care.