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About VTTHAI - Handmade handbags marketplace from local to international

VT THAI is the Thai handicraft market place. In Thai language, it means 'Thai way of life'.

We gather all Thai local supplier who have folk and traditional wisdom in here. We believe that you will enjoy a piece of traditional handicraft product which is priceless and worth conserving. Some product price cannot compare to their value.

Process of making thai handcraft product might take more than a month and almost a couple of weeks for preparing the material for weaving.

We are really proud to promote Thai artisans to around the world, so that they can be recognised and appreciated of their true value.

It can be made only manually by hand not machine.

Dedication and passion are what make this work special and unique.

VT THAI is a social enterprise who works together with local artisans and designers all over the world to create the modern handcraft. We aim to:

1. Empower Thai women especially in local, to use their own traditional craft skill as a means of employment to generate income for their household.

2. We try to preserve the masterpieces to the people in the next generation to be proud of their ancestors of knowledge.

Please enjoy local artisan craftsmanship and thank you for supporting us.